Some Stories About Me

Yeah..I think it is my little biography. Dear Ms.Dyah Ayu I wish all of your explaination about biography can be practices by myself correctly. I am sorry if there are some mistakes.. Okay let's try!

My name is Sita Nirmala Citra Christiani. I usually called Sita. I live in Indonesia. I was born on 21st of March 1999 in Magelang. Now I am 14 years old and I study in Magelang 1 State Junior High School. I have some hobbies. They are singing,reading,listening to music,make a short story,make a post in blog,and so on. 

And I would like to tell you about my physical appeareance. I have a long,curly,and black hair. I have 2 black eyes. Some people say that I am beautiful. Just some people..-_- I am 156 cm tall and my body's weight is 44 kgs.

I have some dreams. I want to be a doctor. But sometimes I want to be an artist,a singer,a director,public relation,and so on. I am confused. Next year I will be a senior high school student. And I want continue my study in SMAN 1 Magelang or Taruna Nusantara. Wish me luck guys!

Ok,it is not all of myself. So many story,so I can't write it. If you want to know me closer just contact me on Facebook,Twitter,and Plurk. Thanks guys for reading my story..:)